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Guild Wars 2 News

With Meet Up 2017 in the United Kingdom behind us, it's time to release some slideshows of the event. A lot of work and preparation goes into organising these and making them successful, and we hope those of you whom attended enjoyed yourselves and look forward to joining us for Meet Up 2018 when that happens.

A guide to the Mini Failed Attempt, Sikandar and Antonina weapons guide. Mini Failed Attempt Place the following in the mystic forge to create Mini Failed Attempt. 1x Vial of Green Goo 206x Bone Shard 7x Slab of Red Meat 1x Jar of Lost S...
We’ve partnered up with some our fans to showcase their creative and exciting Guild Wars 2-inspired content on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. Check out next week’s schedule below! Streams f...
This Friday, October 20, members of our development team will be streaming live as they play The Shadow of the Mad King. Come hang out in chat and watch! The stream begins at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7) on the official Guild Wars ...

GW2 Halloween 2017 Festival Guide

Posted Tue at 23:41
A guide to the GW2 Halloween Festival 2017 that starts on October 17, 2017. Activities The entrance to these activities can all be found in Lion’s Arch. They are marked on the map as door. The exception is Mad King Says which occurs in G...