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Guild Wars 2 News

With Meet Up 2017 in the United Kingdom behind us, it's time to release some slideshows of the event. A lot of work and preparation goes into organising these and making them successful, and we hope those of you whom attended enjoyed yourselves and look forward to joining us for Meet Up 2018 when that happens.

GW2 Path of Fire Elite Specialization Skills and Traits. This is a work in progress. Deadeye (Thief) The Deadeye is a thief who stalks their targets with patience and brutal accuracy. They use a Rifle to snipe at a long range, marking ta...
GW2 Guild Chat Path of Fire Elite Specializations Livestream Coverage Youtube Mirror Holosmith Scrapper was a dirty tech. Holosmith is more of a clean tech. Scrapper was more charr tech based, Holosmith is more asuran with some overtunes...
Arenanet have published the developer diary on the elite specializations giving you some insight on their design. Hello and welcome, Tyrians, to a deeper look at the nine new elite specializations coming in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fireā„¢! W...
GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Flame and Festival Box and the Abaddon’s Mask New Items Season 1 Memory Box – Flame and Festivals – 1st one free, 200 gems each or 10 for 1500 gems You can get Black Lion Commemorativ...