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Mantle Assasins [MA]  -  Doing things The [MA] Way since 2005.

Guild Name:Mantle Assasins
Server:Far Shiverpeaks (EU)

About the Guild:-

Mantle Assasins is a small international (primarily based around Europe) Guild Wars 2 Community. We consist of a mature & level headed player-base who have similar goals within the Guild Wars 2 Universe. We originally formed in Guild Wars 1 in 2005 & have been playing underneath our MA tag ever since, the majority of our current members joined us in 2006, & we have remained a solid community since. We dabble in all things PvX, varying from PvE, PvP, WvW & self-made Guild Events. We also offer our own Website, Forums, TeamSpeak3 Server & a Minecraft Server (for the Creative amongst us!).

The [MA] Way:-

Something that we started back in the early days of Guild Wars 1, was what we dubbed "The [MA] Way". To sum this up in a meaning, within MA we do not aim to be #1 in PvP, WvW or Dungeons, we aim to create the best experience we can in a laid-back atmosphere & have a laugh while we're at it. The team gets wiped? We just laugh in the face of team wipes, get back up & jump right back in without all the aggro & rage you get from a lot of other guilds out there! Although don't get the wrong idea, we're very good working together as a community, but without the tension of being criticized if you or we muck up :)


We do not recruit heavily, allowing time for new members to settle in & get to know the members before we recruit more. This also benefits those who are already in the guild as it gives us the time we need to get to know our new members well before bringing in any new faces & getting to know them. This system has served us well, giving everyone a chance to know everyone.
We also have a maximum player limit of approximately 50 players within our Guild Wars 2 Community & have little intention of going over this amount. To make an application, simply head over to our "Apply Here" section of our website to get started! Applications are handled by the Officers & Leader of the Guild.


Players of the Guild Wars 2 Community to preferably be aged 20+
Players of our Guild are to represent us at all times*
Exceptions can be made given good enough reason.
Players are to register on our website & make an application when looking to be recruited.
All new recruits have a sit down & chat session with an Officer or the Leader of the Guild.
It is preferable that our members have TeamSpeak3 installed & are willing to use it.